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Tapa tartar de tomate y arenque con vino rosadoTaberna Our Earth fully supports the Slow Food movement. This ecogastronómico movement
promotes a "new food" understood as an expression of identity and culture, a multidisciplinary approach advocated pleasure linked to food, reflects on taste education and the right to enjoy a new sense of responsibility, considering the balance with the ecosystem, defending agrifood biodiversity and ethical commitment with producers.

The Slow Food Association was founded in 1986 by Carlo Petrini in the Italian town of Bra, with the initial aim of counteracting the effects of fast food and fast life that were undermining healthy eating habits and lifestyle, promoting the disappearance of local food traditions, the general lack of interest in nutrition, the origins and flavors of food.

Slow Food believes that the "new cuisine" is based on freedom of choice in education, because food is a pleasure that requires awareness and responsibility. Envisions a world where all people can enjoy good food for them, who produces and environment, using resources in the best way possible and without wastage.

Tapa milhojas de membrillo y vino blancoThe food quality is quality of life and for that Slow Food stresses the defense of territorial and regional cultural differences, to be closely linked to food heritage, historical and cultural. These approaches promote a new logic of production and consumption of foods that are to be Good, Clean and Fair.

Slow Food has more than 100.000 members worldwide and is present in more than 160 countries, national structures in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Japan, UK and Holland.


This our century, he was born and raised under the sign of industrial civilization, was first invented the machine and then has become its own model of life.

Speed ​​has chained us, we are all prey to the same virus: la Fast Life, that shocks our habits, invades our homes, and forces us to nurture the Fast Food.

However, homo sapiens must retrieve his wisdom and free from speed that can reduce a species threatened with extinction.

Therefore, against the universal folly of Fast Life, it is necessary to defend the quiet material pleasure.

Contrary to those, that are most, that confuse efficiency with Frenzy, as a vaccine propose an adequate portion of sensual pleasures insured, supplied so as to provide a slow and prolonged enjoyment.

Let's start at the table with Slow Food, against flattening produced by the Fast Food, and rediscover the richness and aromas of local cuisine.

Si la Fast Life, in the name of productivity, It has changed our lives and threatens the environment and landscape, Slow Food is now the forefront response.

And this here, in the development of taste and not in its impoverishment, the true culture, is where progress can start with an international exchange in history, in knowledge and projects.

Slow Food guarantees a better future.

Slow Food is an idea that needs many qualified holders, for this mode (slow) it becomes an international movement, which the snail is its symbol.

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